Website Development

We strategize, design, code and develop real-world web applications/websites. We write high quality and efficient custom code to achieve functionalities based upon your requirements. It is our primary interest to ensure that your websites are highly secure, fast and reliable. See some of our Client Websites.

Website Development Services:
Per-Page Optimization Domain Name Registration Hosting Calendars & Events Easily Upload Images Attachments Blog and Comments Photo Galleries Shopping Cart Booking System Payments System Templates & Themes

Internet Marketing

Are you still trying to get your business or product to reach potential customers online? Allow us to manage the process. Without the right expertise, it can take-up a lot of valuable time to properly market our business online. We will deploy our skills and expertise to ensure that you gain return on investment(ROI).

Internet Marketing Services:
Brand Awareness Google Adwords Facebook Ads Instagram Ads Twitter Ads LinkedIn Ads Google Analytics Outreach Content Marketing Press Releases Directories Pay Per Click Video Marketing Link Exchanges

Graphic Design

Does your corporate identity, branding and marketing communication reflect the vision and positioning of your business? We’ll help you develop the right image and branding for your business. Our designers will work with you to understand your business and develop marketable design that is aligned with your company’s vision.

Graphic Design Services:
Banners Flyer Brochure Pamphlet Bookmark Ticket Labels Logo Sign Media Kits Newsletters Calendar Social Media Book Cover Ads (Web and Print) Packaging Magazine Letter Head T-shirt

Computer Repairs

Is your computer running slow again? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We can fix it and quickly get you back to what you were doing. Contact us before bringing your computer. (A phone call may save you the trip.)
Learn about and download a copy of recommended programs for your computer. Software Tips.

Computer Repair Services:

Computer Training

All our tutors have teaching experience with CSEC students and are very knowledgeable in the field of Information Technology. You can also download a copy of the I.T. Quiz & Exams and the I.T. Study Notes.

Computer Training Services:

All sections of the Syllabus are covered in the I.T. for CSEC Extra Classes:

Hardware and Software Problem-Solving and Program Design Program Implementation Application and Implication of ICT Information Processing Office Productivity Tools SBA