Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about our products and services. That’s why we’ve provided answers to questions asked by other visitors just like you. Search the answers below or ask your own.

A Website acts as a promotional tool that helps you to promote your business among a global audience. It helps in establishing a brand identity since a Website increases credibility of your business. You become more competitive since most of the businesses are establishing their presence over the Internet and you cannot afford to stay behind.

There is no precise answer to this question. There can be a hundred reasons to have a Website, and a few important ones might be the following.

First a Website can reach millions of people that might not otherwise be available. Second, customers can view products, services, or whatever you want to share from the comfort of their own home. No matter what type of business you are in, there are ways to grow and make money on the web for you.

Believe it or not, a Website is the least expensive way of getting your message out. When you consider that 72% of Jamaica has Internet access, it is always accessible and can carry a message in just about any fashion you can imagine, the Internet is the least expensive way to market your company.

Your new website will be developed offline so that your current website will be unaffected. Once you have approved your new site, we will switch the domain to point from the old to the new website.
Definitely! All of our websites come with a mailing list sign up so you can invite your customers to join your emailing list. It’s optional though so we won’t place it on your site if you prefer not to have one.
Yes. We use WordPress to build our sites and this powerful content management system allows those with strong computer skills to make many changes to the site themselves.
YES! Everything that we build will be 100% owned by you. Most of our clients stay with us for the life of the website. Our team is just irresistible that way. But if for any reason you decide you want to take your site to another hosting service and get another company to service the site, we will happily assist you in making the transition as effortlessly and efficiently as possible. The website is yours after all, and we want you to take it wherever you go.
We build all of our Dynamic websites on the open-source Content Management System  platform called Wordpress.
Yes we do
We build most of our websites on the open-source Content Management System (CMS) platform called WordPress.
This is a great question to ask and you should ask it of any web design and development firm you are considering. Many firms will farm out work to freelancers or interns. Some firms give little or no access to client’s who want to speak directly with their designers or developers. Our clients work directly with our designers and/or developers to ensure that we meet your specific needs.
By drawing on their individual creativity, methods of fine art and market research, they use a visual vocabulary; colour, shape, concept, photography, layout, illustration, and typeface, to produce a broad range of communication projects that express messages, inform, persuade, and motivate audiences to action. These projects can include logo creation, brochures, business cards, corporate stationery, advertising, annual reports, newsletters, publications, packaging, promotional items, websites, sales materials, signs, training/educational materials, and much more. In essence, graphic designers organize the information and develop the “look and feel” for the communication materials that surround us.
We design everything from logos to content managed websites. Please contact us to discuss your project and design requirements.

We believe in your complete satisfaction. We will continue to work with you to refine your logo design until you are completely happy.

Logo designs are executed as specified by the client’s instructions and the chosen “Design Package” as noted on the official QUOTE or INVOICE sent to client by Evolutronic Web Services Limited. A deposit is required before any work begins.

Where additional design work (beyond the scope of the chosen “Design Package”) is requested, it will be billed at the hourly rate or the client may upgrade to another plan and pay the additional cost associated with the upgrade.

We believe in ‘unlimited’ revisions until you are happy and not handcuffing you to a specific number of changes. Depending on your schedule and when you require your final files, we are happy altering the intermediate designs until we arrive at a finished logo you are completely happy with and are proud to use for years to come.
Depending on the type of logo being created, we may use an illustration element. These can range from simple icons to more complex color illustrations. Keep in mind that the more colors employed in a logo, the more expensive it could cost to print (in business cards, letterhead, etc.).
We can usually accommodate your rush job depending on how full our production schedule is. Call us to find out.
In general terms, graphic design is the process and art of combining text and graphics and communicating an effective message in the design of logos, graphics, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs, and any other type of visual communication. Today’s graphic designers often use desktop publishing software and techniques to achieve their goals
Yes! We are happy to work on small projects; anything from minor edits to a Web site to altering a graphic or logo.
Many of our clients are small companies, non-profit organizations and individuals. By “farming out” their design projects, they save themselves time and frustration, and save the expense of keeping someone on staff to do design tasks. We are flexible and can work within any budget constraints you may be facing. Put us to the test and you’ll be suprised how far your design budget can stretch
We use the latest versions of Adobe’s Master Collection which consists of Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Indesign and  flash professional
Google decides who to place in the top pages of their search results. The most relevant results per keyword are what Google places on the top. There are three things that must be present in order for your website to attain high search engine rankings: well-written and fully optimized content, proper keyword selection, and the number of links pointing to your site.
Yes, it is possible to do the work yourself. However simple the concepts of internet marketing may seem, it is difficult work and in requires expert knowledge on the technicalities of how the internet functions, as well as a deep understanding on the algorithms of the search engines. Moreover, as search engines become smarter and smarter everyday, you have to devote much time in continuously updating yourself with any changes in the way search engines work.
Email marketing uses the Internet to communicate information about promotions, company offerings, product updates and more. It is a valuable dialogue between a prospective or current customer and a company. Email marketing is most effective when the recipients are targeted and the information is relevant and timely.
First, custom email blast designs are better recognized by your subscriber, so more likely to be opened and read. Secondly, we are able to apply html coding conventions specific to email marketing that assist in getting past spam and ISP filters plus show more content when default image blocking is on.
Absolutely! We will never rent, sell or divulge any information about your list to any third party. As a bonus, you can also rest easy knowing that your most current list is in a secure zone and with redundant backups.
The easiest way to see if your site is ranking is to simply go to Google, Yahoo or Bing and do a search for the key phrases that you feel are relevent to your website. If you do not see yourself on the first page of those search engines for those key phrases then your site is not getting the placement and exposure it needs and you have some work to do. Our team of SEO professionals can help you achieve the organic rankings your website needs to be found online.
This may be our most common question, and it’s a good one. The type of results and the time to see results are going to vary based on (1) the services you are using and (2) the aggressiveness of your marketing efforts. More comprehensive marketing strategies tend to yield better, quicker results and will always be recommended by us. However, if you have a very specific goal, then certain services may provide results faster.
With over 80% of all transactions starting from an online search, it is almost impossible to ignore the importance of a strong web presence these days. No matter what your business is selling you can almost be certain that your prospective customers will be going online to learn about what you sell and the best companies to choose from to get started. If your business cannot be found, then your competitors that can will be taking a lion’s share of these opportunities.
Sometimes this is an indication of overheating or it also may be a faulty hardware component, such as a power supply, memory module motherboard or video card. If the system feels hot you can try to clean out the fans. We’re here to help if cleaning it up isn’t enough.
The answer is most likely yes. Sometimes this condition can be repaired, but other times the drive may be a lost cause. If you have a PC you are in luck because replacement drives are inexpensive. Apple drives and the labor involved is usually more expensive so it may be better to get an external drive.
Often times this is a sign of a bad video card or memory module. You may also have dust inside the computer or a faulty fan. If you can’t replace the parts or clean it up safely, contact us and we can help.
It may be possible be to repair, but we will have to diagnose it and assess the problem(s) involved. We’ll also need as much information as we can get about the circumstances that caused the damage and what’s happening with the computer now. Don’t use your computer if it’s damaged as that may make the damage worse.
It depends on how much liquid was spilled and what your budget is for repairs. If the computer no longer turns on you may have a defective motherboard because it was shorted out. Broken motherboards are often very expensive to repair. If the computer can turn on, but the keyboard and/or touchpad or other buttons don’t work then the damage may be limited to those components and they can be replaced.
We have a number of different courses to choice from with the lowest being JM$4,000 for a 2 weeks time period.
Our hours are designed to be as convenient to you as possible to ensure a swift and effective learning process.
To insert a table into your document, navigate to the part of the document where you want the table to appear. Once there, click on the insert tab on the ribbon. Then, click the table button. A drop-down menu will extend that will let you insert an on-the-fly table (where you highlight the grid on the menu with the number of rows/columns that you require), a custom table (where you choose the insert table option), or a quick table (where you select a table template from the quick tool menu).
If you click the file tab at the top left of the Microsoft Word window, you will find the main Word functions, such as: new, save, save as, open, close, and print